Innovation through future reflection

In this everchanging world it transformation is inevitable. Transformation happens through innovation. Without people however, there is no innovation. So the power of innovation lies in the collaboration and co-creation of people.

Reflection on historical actions can help define our future for the better. We know that. However, for innovation it is interesting to reflect upon the future as if it had already been occurred. Imagine a soccer-game for example. If the players consider the game already ‘won’, they are more likely to think of actions which make them win the game. So it is also in organisations. Imagine your company has been successful and you are more likely to think of what brought your company this succes rather than the actions you have to take to be successful (which will be more practical). It is this positive psychology that whatever you give attention to grows.

The way questions are framed in this process towards innovation and eventually transformation is therefore crucial. Interested in how to frame these questions, innovation or transformation for your organisation? Let’s have a brainstorm session!

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